Esports betting sites accepting JCB 2023

Many esports betting sites accept JCB cards. JCB is not the leading credit card network in many countries, with Visa, MasterCard and American Express having a bigger market share. JCB, being Japan’s only international payment brand, is widely accepted as a payment method in many different countries that allow esports betting. The top JCB esports betting sites will have markets on everything from League of Legends to FIFA and Dota 2. Basically JCB betting sites will have odds available on any professional video games, with these accessible via both desktop computer and mobile, including via betting apps.

The top JCB esports betting sites for August, 2023 are:

Hong Kong Top JCB esports bookmakers 2023

Top JCB esports bookmakers 2023

Top JCB esports betting sites

While JCB is just like other regular credit cards it is however not considered a mainstream payment method. JCB is not accepted by every esports betting site as a payment method, however most that accept credit and debit cards will allow you to use it.

JCB is particularly popular in Asian countries, including its home country Japan and India. Highlighted below, are some of the best esports betting sites that accept JCB as a payment method.

They top JCB betting sites include:



888Sports ranks top of its competitors due to its impressive esports betting offerings, one of which is its variety of options when it comes to payment methods. 888Sport accepts JCB as one of its payment methods.
888Sport Review



Betway is another impressive esports betting site that accepts JCB as a payment method.
Betway Review



Bet365 is one of the best online eSports betting sites in Canada and internationally and accepts JCB as a payment method.
Bet365 Review

The process of depositing with JCB cards at any esports betting sites is mostly similar to how you would complete transactions with any other card. Select JCB as your preferred payment method after signing up for your bookie account, then enter your number, expiration date and security code.

Best JCB betting apps

Many eSports betting sites offer the option to use JCB Cards as a payment method through their mobile esports betting apps. JCB is available to pay via mobile on IOS and Android smartphones and tablets, providing players with the convenience of accessing the platform anytime and from anywhere.

Using JCB as a payment method on mobile devices is a safe and easy method for depositing funds into your bookies account. As the trend of mobile betting is on the rise, more betting platforms and financial institutions are expected to develop user-friendly mobile applications for bank transfer transactions.

JCB bookmaker fees

Using JCB as a payment method is fast and free. All deposits made with a JCB card are processed instantly. By using JCB Cards, you can make deposits without subjecting yourself to any extra costs.

Credit card deposits, including those made with the JCB card, do not include an extra fees. Most esports betting sites attach a 3-6 percent convenience fee to all JCB card deposits.

JCB history in sports betting

JCBJapan Credit Bureau (JCB) was established in January 1961 and issued Japan’s first credit card two months later, compatible with the ISO standard. JCB is a major global payment method based in Tokyo, Japan (Best Japanese esports betting sites) and it is very popular in India (Top Indian betting sites).

JCB cardholders reached 1 million by 1972, the card hit a sales volume of 1 trillion Japanese Yen by 1983, and was available in 16 countries by the year 2000. Hence, JCB was now a global brand. Today, JCB has over 30 million members and it is globally accepted as a payment method by most top esports betting sites.

Esports games available at JCB esports betting sites

JCB esports betting sites are available all over the globe and there are many different games available to wager on. These esports games range from first-person shooters, right through to various sports games like FIFA and NBA.

The most popular video games at JCB betting sites include:

Is JCB a good esports betting payment option?

JCB ReviewYes, JCB is a good esports betting payment option. There is actually no difference from JCB to other credit cards holders like Visa, MasterCard and American Express. The main contrast is that JCB Cards are not widely used globally, but this does not mean they are not readily available.

JCB punters should aim to sign up for esports betting sites that don’t charge high fees for credit card deposits since JCB does not incur any charges.

Using your JCB card at many esports betting sites is perfectly safe, just as it is for other payment methods. Most esports betting sites offer some of the best security measures around. These security measures coupled with the fact that most esports betting sites are protected by a minimum of 128-Bit SSL (secure socket layer) digital encryption security ensures you can place bets with your JCB card without concerns for your safety. Also, the JCB’s J/Secure program protects users from identity theft by using the latest security technology. So, you can safely use your JCB card without worrying.

Most esports betting sites that allow JCB as a payment method, have some of the most sufficient transaction limits when it comes to bookie deposits.